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Archaeology Field Group

Our goal is to look back in time at human activity in the environment of the Chess and Misbourne valleys, from Mesolithic to post-Medieval times. To achieve this, we have a varied programme of indoor and outdoor activities including:

  • Surveys (resistivity, magnetic susceptibility and topographic)
  • Field walking
  • Excavations
  • Excavation recording
  • Finds analysis
  • Archive research

Come and join us! There are activities to suit all ages and interests. You do not need to have any experience to be involved - just interest and enthusiasm. Training in excavation and other techniques can be given, as described below.

Topographic Surveying. Learn how to use a theodolite and complete total station work using the latest equipment on archaeological sites.

Total station survey
Total station survey

Resistivity surveying. A geophysical surveying technique that allows archaeologists to detect structures under the ground remotely.

Resistivity meter Features revealed by resistivity survey
Resistivity meter Features revealed by resistivity survey

Excavation recording. Drawing and mapping in situ features, recognition of stratigraphy and recording, finds drawing and photography.

Planning frame for drawing features in situ
Planning frame for drawing features in situ

Desk-top work. Collation of map data in a digital format using geographic information system software. Preparation of material for publication.

Our field work is carried out in partnership with the staff at Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire County Council Archaeology Departments and many generous landowners with an interest in the past. Wherever we work we encourage the local community and Young Archaeologists group to take part.